• University of Minho, Portugal
    Josť Carlos Carvalho, “The arachnids as bioindicators in the monitoring and conservation of coastal areas”, concluded in 2011 (with success, no grade attributed).


  • University of the Azores, Portugal
    Luis Carlos Crespo, “Biodiversity and conservation of spiders in the Desertas Islands” in progress.
  • University of Coimbra, Portugal
    Dinarte Teixeira, “Ecological modeling of the distribution of terrestrial molluscs in Madeira”, concluded in 2010 with grade “Very Good” (maximum grade).
  • New University of Lisbon, Portugal
    Ana Cristina Cardoso, “Nature conservation through financial benefits for stakeholders in the Vale do Guadiana Nature Park”, concluded in 2008 with grade “Very Good” (maximum grade).


  • University of Lisbon, Portugal
    Ana Filipa Gouveia, “Araneofauna (Arachnida: Araneae) of the Serra de S. Mamede Natural Park: faunistics and species richness assessment methods”, concluded in 2004 with grade 18 (0-20).
  • Institute of High Studies in Agronomy, Portugal
    Carla Ribeiro, “The spider fauna of integrated pest management orchards”, concluded in 2004 with grade 19 (0-20).